Mobile Services

At Epona Equine, our hospital comes to you!


There are many instances when it is neither economical nor convenient to transport horses for veterinary care, especially when sickness or lameness would compromise the horse’s treatment and recovery.

Fortunately, advances in mobile communications and veterinary technology have made it possible to outfit a vehicle with a wide range of veterinary supplies and equipment, so the ‘hospital’ can come to you. Epona Equine vets are just a phone call away.

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Epona Equine has a Dodge 1500 and a Ford F-150 Hybrid pick-up that are custom-fitted with a ‘Vet Box’ to ensure that they are always fully equipped for both emergencies and routine care procedures. This state-of-the-art mobile hospital unit has a multitude of compartments that keep supplies and equipment well-organized, clean, dry, and readily accessible. They even have heated running water and refrigerated compartments, to keep medications and blood or tissue samples cool.

Epona’s mobile units are equipped with:

  • Basic surgical equipment
  • A wide range of pharmaceuticals and vaccines
  • Digital radiography (X-ray) unit
  • Digital ultrasound machine
  • Power float and dentistry equipment