A healthy mouth = A happy horse

A horse that is suffering from dental pain or having difficulty chewing may exhibit a variety of behavioral and/or physical health problems. That’s why we recommend annual dental examinations for most horses. Dr. Guillemaud has a keen interest in equine dentistry and would be pleased to answer your dentistry questions.

We offer the following dental services:

  • Complete oral exams with full mouth speculum, special speculum for miniature horses available
  • Routine and corrective floating with Power Float equipment, hand floats available for special circumstances
  • Cordless float available when power is not accessible, please let us know when you book if you do not have power available
  • Diastema widening
  • Wolf tooth extraction
  • Cap removal
  • Simple extractions of teeth when they are diseased
  • Digital x-ray available for imaging tooth roots and sinuses when disease is suspected